P2P connect doesn't work

Fabien Marotte fabienx.marotte at linux.intel.com
Fri Oct 8 12:26:35 EDT 2010


I put in place a setup to try to use P2P.
I have two netbooks with Atheros AR9285 wifi cards. I followed the 
instructions on wireless.kernel.org (get linux-next tree, modified ath9k 
code and get latest wpa_supplicant)

My setup is working correctly and I am able to discover P2P devices with 
p2p_find on each p2p client.

However, when I do "p2p_connect <mac adddr> pin" or even "p2p_connect 
<mac adddr> pbc", the P2P GO negotiation fails.

I sniffed the bus on a third wifi PC using wireshark, and I saw the 
following packets:

- The probe request
- The probe response
- The GO negotiation request
- The GO negotiation response

I decoded the GO negotiation response and saw that STATUS ATTRIBUTE 
contains 0x1: From the p2p spec, 0x1 is "FAILED; Information is 
currently unavailable"

After looking into the code, I saw that this packet is sent when 
p2p_device->wps_method is set to WPS_NOT_READY.

Can you tell me the correct way to connect two P2P devices together.

If the commands I send are ok, what could be the root cause of the error ?



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