Patch to split roaming out of wpa_supplicant

Holger Schurig holgerschurig at
Tue Oct 5 02:39:20 EDT 2010

Splitting roaming and the rest into two separate parts could be useful.
However, many of your other things are unrelated to this.

For example,

> - Build a .so and .pc file instead of a binary, that you can then link
> with your own code.

You could divide your patch into several patches, each doing one (and only 
one) thing. One patch for your libraryzation. Probably no one else needs that. 
Then maybe several patches that single out all the roaming code, e.g. by 
centralizing it to one file. Then a patch that allows to completely disable 
roaming, either as config variable or as CONFIG define.

I personally would like such an option, and use it well.

> - The following hooks (which I would rename to make them ROS
> agnostic), which get called at appropriate times during startup,
> shutdown, and upon association or scanning events.

Are this hooks just an interface from the librarified wpa_supplicant into your 
main program, which now uses wpa_supplicant?   Or vica versa?  Whatever it is, 
this should also be one patch, and is probably the one that has the least 
chance of getting in, because it's not entirely clear how this patch would be 
a win for wpa_supplicant as-is.


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