Dynamic VLAN.

mushtaq mujale mushtaq_mujale at yahoo.co.in
Thu May 20 02:51:55 EDT 2010

Hi All,

 Can anyone explain how is Dynamic VLAN working?

 What is the difference between vlan_dynamic_add and CONFIG_FULL_DYNAMIC_VLAN implementation?

 In the current implementation is it possible to have multiple VLAN's per SSID. If yes then how is it done?

 Why is the driver doing Tag/Untag of Vlan when there is a VLAN module(8021q) to take care of it.

     --------       --------      --------       --------
    | Driver | <-> | Brvlan | <->| 8021q  | <-> |  eth0  |
     --------       --------      --------       --------
Please let me know.


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