nl80211 and switching between WPS-PIN and WPS-PBC

yogesh powar yogeshp at
Thu Apr 1 01:22:00 EDT 2010

With nl80211 driver, switching between WPS-PBC & WPS-PIN does not work
since AP does not advertise the active WPS-PBC/PIN session in beacon.

Whenever we use WPS-PIN after a WPS-PBC session or vice-e-versa, later
does not get advertised in the beacon. Reason for this behavior is
set_ap_wps_ie function pointer in driver_nl80211 is set to null. 

As per my understanding, set_ap_wps_ie function can be set to null if
kernel driver uses the beacon template from set_beacon(). Whenever WPS
registrar information is changed, hostapd gives modified WPS IE to the
driver through this function. But, this information is not reflected in
the beacons by hostapd when the driver does not provide set_ap_wps_ie

Issue is observed in hostapd 6.9, 6,10, and 7.1 with driver

Simple solution for this would be calling set_beacon every time WPS-IE
information is modified/changed whenever set_ap_wps_ie function is NULL.

Attached is RFC for invoking set_beacon() every time WPS IE is modified.

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