WPA Supplicant - WPS function in madwifi

楊仁豪 marsyanggo at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 15:23:29 EDT 2009

Dear all

   I am windows driver engineer in Taiwan. I had developed windows version
WPS beofre.
Now I am trying do some different WPS applicatin in home network. For the
 and research purpose, I do it in ubuntu 8.10 with atheros chipset(Madwifi).
Now I have two platforms
as AP and Nic(Client). I had verified the hostapd(AP Mode) is worked well in
PIN and PBC with Intel and
Realtek solution. I meet the porblems in wpa_supplicant(Ubuntu with
wpa_supplicant 0.69). I config
the .config and wpa_supplicant.cong file as REREADME. But as I use the
active the wpa_supplcant and
use the command "wpa_cli wps_pbc". The thread olny show setup WPS Info. And
It keep on scan.
Then I use "wpa_cli scan_resut" , it is not show the wps flag even if some
APs indeed with the WPS IE.
Most strange is that I even can't use wpa_supplcant to connect to the AP
with set the correct security
setting in wpa_supplicant.conf. But the ubuntu wlan UI work well. I
summarize as below.

1. Does the Ubuntu wlan UI will effect the wpa_supplcaint. How to disable
it. Or how to make wpa_supplicant take
    charge to EAP process.
2. Which version will be ok for WPS. Should I take 0.67 for experiment.
3. How to make the scan show the WPS .And make sure the wpa_supplicant.conf
is work for WPS (Set phase1="pbc=1" ??)

Thanks for your reading and help. I would like to help something about WPS
when I used to Linux kernel and User space.

Best regards

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