wpa_supplicant: TNCC support reentrant ?

r.ooba at ictec.co.jp r.ooba at ictec.co.jp
Sun Apr 12 21:04:56 EDT 2009

Hello Jouni.

I have the following questions:

- Is TNCC support the multi interface ?
  (Wireless LAN and Wired LAN etc, for instance.)

- Is TNCC support reentrant ? 
  (Please, refer to the TNC_IFIMC_v1_2_r8.pdf, p.17,
  3.3 Threading and Reentrancy.)

- Is TNCC support thread-safe ? 
  (Please, refer to the TNC_IFIMC_v1_2_r8.pdf, p.40,
  4.2.4 Threading.)


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