wpa-supplicant with opensc

David Smith dds at google.com
Thu Jul 10 11:38:28 EDT 2008

Sergio Yébenes Moreno <sergioyebenes at alumnos.upm.es> writes:

> Hi,
> Does really wpa_supplicant needs a copy of public certificate sitting in 
> hard disk, working with opensc? There aren't  any field that  references 
> certificate  in smartcard I suspect....
> Thanks a lot

Hi Sergio, I recently added support for these fields, though I don't
think it is documented yet. The parameters mimic the existing "key_id"
field. Use "cert_id" and "ca_cert_id" for phase 1 and if you use TLS for
phase 2, use "key2_id", "cert2_id", and "ca_cert2_id".

- dds
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