Can't get DHCP through

Alexandros Gougousoudis gougousoudis-list at
Thu Oct 11 09:06:02 EDT 2007


I have the following setup: Debian lenny, Kernel 2.6.23, wpa_supplicant 
0.6.0 and bcm43xx module.

The authentication to the ap runs through, but I cannot get through the 
line to get an dhcp address. Even if I setup a fixed address, the line 
is closed. The debug says, that I'am autheticated to the ap.

The funny thing is, if I get closer to the ap (right next to it) it 
works, I get an ip address. Then I can go much more away and have no 
line trouble. So I have to be in a range of 5 Meters of the ap to get 
the address. Then I have good ping times and transferrates until 50m or 
more in a building. How can this be possible?

This is with my AP at home (D-Link, WPA-PSK) and at work (Linksys, 
WPA-Radius). So ap bugs, or the construction of the building are ruled 
out. Can it be trouble with the Broadcom Chip on my Acer laptop?

Please help


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