Bug in driver_wext.c code?

Sriharsha Vedurmudi svedurumudi at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 06:32:43 EDT 2007

 Please refer to the function wpa_driver_wext_get_scan_results() and
scroll down to

In that scroll down to:
   u8 ie = gpos[0], ielen = gpos[1] + 2;

Why is the 'ielen' field initialized to gpos[1] (which is the length
field in the IE) + 2 ?

I think it should be initialized to gpos[1];

Please let me know what I missed? The case in question is that when I
am passing received WPA IE, I am only get and pass 'gpos[1]' bytes
data not gpos[1]+2 !


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