hostapd based access point, (free) radius for aaa and vlan to separate

Christian Beier christian.beier at
Mon Nov 26 14:34:24 EST 2007

I'm trying to set up a hostap daemon based access point with freeradius
for AAA and utilisation of VLAN to separate some user groups.
Without "up and running" VLAN interfaces everything works, the user is
recognised and granted to access by the radius server. I mean: The
radius and hostapd configurations are unchanged and still setted up for
VLAN usage, only the VLAN interfaces are not added by vconfig. If I add
them, hostapd prints a lot of
till timeout is reached and on the freeradius no reaction is seen.

My set up:
	hostapd v0.5.7


	*	ath1.#

* radius server:
	freeradius 1.1.6

I've tried a lot and found out that setting
"... vlan_tagged_interface=ath1 "
results in:
"unknown configuration item 'vlan_tagged_interface' "

I don't know if this is related to the many atheros/madwifi vlan patches
I found on my search and neglected because the search results where last
year dated. Also, I'm not sure if my syntax of the vlan_file is right.
It's the only way it works, if I add two lines for each
Tunnel-Private-Group-Id, passed by freeradius, with the appropriate
interfaces behind, I got an error message. I'm kind of clueless and the
oracles of the web also have no good recommendation what do do or where
to search the ghost in the machine.
I hope I posted enough information so one of you is able and willing to

thx 'n' greez
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