WPS patches for hostapd/wpa_supplicant

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Hi Jouni,

Thanks for knowing this.Good work done.


On Fri, 23 Nov 2007 Jouni Malinen wrote :
>I converted the submitted patches from Atheros, Intel, and Metalink into
>form that shows what exactly is changed in hostapd and wpa_supplicant to
>make it easier to review the different designs. These patches are
>available at http://w1.fi/contrib/wps-patches/
>The Intel patches (hostapd-0.4.8-intel.patch and
>wpa_supplicant-0.4.8-intel.patch) are against the 0.4.8. The
>Metalink patches (hostapd-0.4.10-intel-metalink.patch and
>wpa_supplicant-0.4.10-intel-metalink.patch) are based on the Intel
>version, but are against 0.4.10 (I combined the submitted patches and
>re-diffed them against the 0.4.10 releases). Atheros patches
>(hostapd-wps-atheros.patch and wpa_supplicant-wps-atheros.patch) are
>against the 0.6.x branch in the git tree.
>The Intel patches are mainly included for reference. In practice, I'm
>planning on only reviewing Metalink and Atheros patches since the
>Metalink version includes all the Intel changes and additional
>functionality and fixes.
>Based on a quick browse through the patches, I would note couple of
>differences in the patches. Metalink versions are against an old, stable
>branch (0.4.x) while Atheros patches are against the current development
>tree (0.6.x). In practice, the changes will need to go to the
>development tree, so any changes against 0.4.x will need to be updated
>before they can be merged.
>As far as the hostapd changes are concerned, both Atheros and Metalink
>versions are based on the Intel WSC reference code and both are using an
>external program, Intel wsc daemon, to process the EAP-WSC messages.
>wpa_supplicant changes are using different approach. Metalink patch is
>based on the Intel WSC reference changes and is using the Intel wsc
>daemon to process the EAP-WSC messages. Atheros version is adding a new
>implementation for EAP-WSC processing for an WPA enrollee and it does
>not use the Intel wsc daemon.
>Couple of generic comments that apply to all versions:
>The coding style will need to be cleaned up to match with the one used
>in hostapd/wpa_supplicant for any changes that would be included in
>either of these programs. If needed, I will do this when applying
>changes to my git tree. This will produce relatively large number of
>whitespace changes which should be kept in mind since other patches will
>most likely not apply after this type of cleanup.
>There were number of #ifdef EAP_WSC/EAP_WPS blocks in generic code
>(e.g., eap.c or eapol_sm.c) that changed behavior depending on whether
>WPS was included in the build or not. If these changes would cause
>different behavior when WPS is disabled at runtime, they will not be
>acceptable and will need to be modified to use runtime information
>(i.e., whether WPS was enabled or not) to determine what should be done.
>In other words, just enabling WPS in the build, but not enabling it in
>the runtime configuration should not change behavior.
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