Guillaume Chevillot guillaume at
Fri Nov 23 04:38:23 EST 2007

> Hello

> I am looking for the development tree of hostapd to
> set a master mode with a usb dongle linksys (chip ralink)
> Where can I find the development tree of hostapd ?
For the kernel side, use the latest vanilia git kernel tree
or the mac80211 kernel tree (see serialmonkey rt2x00 ralink driver for
further informations)

For hostapd, you will find what you want here

You will find release package and git depository

OK now you have a hostapd and a driver up to date. But your driver will
NOT support master mode. So, you will have to applys Johannes Berg
patches (thank to him) available here{hostap,kernel}

Good luck :


Guillaume Chevillot

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