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Archana Rajagopal archana.gopal at
Thu Nov 22 18:22:13 EST 2007

    I successfully enabled the AP mode in my wireless card.Now I can see the
Access point from other systems.When I connect to it, the "dmesg" command
shows "associated".But I cannot ping the Access point nor can the Access
point ping me.
In the client system, when I ping it says...
"Request timed out"
In the Access point it says...
"Destination host unreachable"

I installed hostapd and ran :hostapd -B hostapd.conf"
It says "Hostap Driver intialization failed"
and "ioctl(SIOCGIFINDEX) : no such device"

Do I need to change hostapd.conf?Does it relate to wpa_supplicant?
Actually, am not very clear about wpa_supplicant?What is it used for?

Please clarify
Thank you!

Archana Rajagopal
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