Metalink patches for Intel WPS code

Assaf Harel AssafH at
Thu Nov 22 04:05:42 EST 2007

Hi list,

Under you can find 4 patches released
today by Metalink.
These patches starting point is Intel WPS support, under hostapd 0.4.8,
and it adds some missing functionality.
Below you can see a more detailed description of what exactly you can
find there.

Inna & Assaf

General info:
Intel has released so called WSC package, implementing WPS functionality
Intel WSC depends on hostapd WPA Authenticator and Supplicant version
0.4.8 and requires changes in both, along with changes in the driver and
In addition to the patches to these applications, the Intel package
contains stand-alone c++ application called wsccmd, responsible for the
implementation of WPS protocol. 
The software architecture of wsccmd is composed of 3 layers:
*	Transport
*	Control 
*	User Interface (UI); only rudimentary UI is provided with the
reference implementation.

The code contained in this package is used to run the Registrar, Access
Point (as Enrollee or with Registrar capabilities), and Client
(Enrollee) functionality of WPS. 
Intel Wi-Fi Simple Config (WSC) reference implementation is distributed
as a source code under a BSD license.

Metalink has adopted Intel's package, - fixed some bugs, added some
features and promoted it to a more recent versions of hostapd and
After completing these tasks, Metalink's solution has been certified by
In order to make it easier to use the offered changes, it was divided
into several patches.
These patches are now available at Here
is a brief description of these patches.

hostapd/wpa_supplicant 4.8_4.10 patch description:
The patch promotes the Intel's code to version 0.4.10 of hostapd and
wpa_supplicant. This allows the user to enjoy from advantages of the
latest version of hostapd and wpa_supplicant in 0.4 branch, together
with all changes needed for WSC package. Reminder: the original Intel's
patches to hostapd and supplicant can be downloaded from

hostapd/wpa_supplicant Intel_4.10_Metalink_4.10 patch description:
The patch includes Metalink's additions and bug fixes:
- Implemented PBC related timeouts (Walk tike, Monitor time).
- Added AP Proxy functionality, including the ability to communicate
with EAP registrar after registration session (eap_wsc.c / .h).
Since this requires from hostapd the ability to simultaneously
communicate with registrar station and enrollee station, some minor
changes were made in eap.c and eapol_sm.c.
- Extended Wireless registrar functionality (added the ability to
communicate with AP after the configuration in order to add new
enrollees to the network).
- On wpa_supplicant side, the implementation of "passing through"
management packets from Wireless driver to WSC application was copied
from madwifi_driver.c to wext_driver.c
- Minor Fixes: solved several "packing" problems, removed irrelevant
definitions, functions and variables; in addition, it was assured that
all WSC related code is under #define EAP_WSC (for the EAP code) or
#define WSC_NEW_IE (for the WPS devices discovery code).

Note: this code will probably work with the original wsccmd application
offered at 
However, in order to enjoy from all features, it is necessary to upgrade
to Metalink's version of wsccmd application which will be released soon.

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