wpa_supplicant works on some occasions, but not others

Leslie Katz lesliek at ozemail.com.au
Wed Nov 21 19:41:42 EST 2007

Joshua Layne wrote:

 >Can you post your configuration file? (/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf by

>default on most distros)

>It sounds like you are missing:

>which (forgive my layman's interpretation) allows wpa_supplicant to 
>'sniff' the SSID, even if the AP isn't broadcasting it.'


Thanks very much for taking the trouble to reply.

My wpa_supplicant.conf file is very brief. It reads:



About adding scan_ssid=1, I'm in this embarrassing situation. Today, the damn thing is working again!
I've now had the following experience: two days ago, I set things up and all worked properly;
yesterday, I couldn't get it to work at all; today, I try it and it works again.

What I'll do now is wait until it doesn't work again and then add scan_ssid=1.

If that fixes the problem, great.

If not, I'll post something to the list again.

Thanks again for your help,


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