WPA - AP Association Issue

Mr. Maloomnahi maloomnahi at indiatimes.com
Tue Nov 20 22:41:38 EST 2007

Dear Jouni,

There is no specific reason why I have selected SAKE, AKA, SIM, PAX as phase 2 stuff behind TTLS / PEAP. 

I wanted to test all possible combinations especially with respect to EAP methods with TKIP or CCMP.

The issue is that these do not work as phase 1 either. SIM and AKA is but obvious because of the absence of smartcard. But atleast SAKE / PAX should have worked.

The certificates, keys and everything which I had mentioned are the all possible combination we had tried setting within the CONF file. I concur with you that psk is only for WPA-PSK and nothing else.

The build at both end [hostapd / wpa] have the AKA, SAKE, PAX, SIM enabled along with Radius Server at hostapd end.

I have tried all the identities and password availale in hostapd.eap_user for association till now. But only SAKE, PAX gives problems [considering that I do not have a smartcard to test SIM / AKA].

Major Question:
1] Why does the hostapd keeps asking for the vendor method 13 [TLS]?
2] Since TTLS, PEAP all have been selected during the build, why is it not asking for other methods?
3] How do we change the setting from TLS to TTLS or PEAP or others at hostapd?
4] Does hostapd automatically consider all EAP methods for association?

Looking forward to your inputs on the same


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