Problem connecting to static WEP

Jouni Malinen j at
Mon Nov 19 23:17:29 EST 2007

On Mon, Nov 19, 2007 at 09:13:17PM -0600, Laia Manrique wrote:
> Jouni, I am not sure whether this was clear from my previous messages,
> but the question is that I need to connect to both WEP and WPA (and
> WPA2) networks, so I hoped that I would be able to use wpa_supplicant
> for all of them. My question is, thus, whether this is possible or
> not.

Well, it should be possible. Whether it works with ndiswrapper is
another question.. Have you tried asking this on the ndiswrapper mailing
list? I have not used ndiswrapper for a very long time, so I don't
really know what to expect as far as functionality with WEP is
concerned. If this works with manual iwconfig configuration but not with
wpa_supplicant, I would assume there could be some kind of race
condition or incompatibility in the order the operations are done when
using wpa_supplicant with ndiswrapper.

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