WPA - AP Association Issue

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Fri Nov 16 18:24:48 EST 2007

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Mr. Maloomnahi wrote:
> But when I add phase 2 of SIM, AKA, PAX, SAKE it does not remain 
> associated and gets disconnected soon.

Not sure about PAX or SAKE, but SIM and AKA weren't compiled into
wpa_supplicant.  The .config file had them turned off the last time the
program was built.  (I can tell because your log contained this line:

> Selected network is configured to use SIM, but neither EAP-SIM nor 
> EAP-AKA are enabled

, in case you're wondering.)

> 1] Are the settings in the CONF file wrong? [current one is for AKA]

The EAP_TTLS_*.conf file looks OK, but the .config file when you built
wpa_supplicant needs to have CONFIG_EAP_AKA and/or CONFIG_EAP_SIM turned
on.  Otherwise wpa_supplicant won't be able to use those EAP methods.

> 2] Are there any settings required at the AP / Hostapd end?

Not sure yet -- the first step is to recompile wpa_supplicant to handle
the EAP method you've chosen (AKA?).

> 3] Why does the hostapd.eap_user does not accept PAP and CHAP 
> settings of identity and pw

The log you posted has an EAP-Failure in it, likely because the EAP
method advertised by the RADIUS server isn't supported by the client...

> 4] What are the setting in CONF file for SAKE, PAX and SIM?

I'm not sure, but you can find out for yourself by looking at the sample
config file (if those settings are in it):

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