wpa_supplicant using EAP-TTLS problem

王奕元 dadai.cm91 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 06:30:10 EST 2007

sorry bother you again.....

I found a page that describe how to create CA

In this page,
it create CA, server certificate, and client certificate.
If I following his guide,
and create 9 files:
ca.pem, client.key, client.pem, client.req, file.srl,
privkey.pem, server.key, server.pem, server.req

Which files should I put into RADIUS SERVER's raddb directory?
which files shoud I put into host terminal's /etc/certs directory?

setup in eap.conf,
private_key_file = privkey.pem
certificate_file = server.pem
CA_file = ca.pem

at host terminal,
put client.pem into /etc/certs/,
and in wpa_supplicant.conf,
set ca_cert=/etc/certs/client.pem

Above is my idea,
Is that right?
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