hostap with prism2 usb wlan stick

Pavel Roskin proski at
Wed Nov 7 23:28:04 EST 2007

On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 00:02 +0100, Daniel Endres wrote:
> hello guys,
> i'm just trying to turn my usb wlan stick equipped notebook (linksys  
> prism2 chipset) into a wlan access point. I'm using debian. i've got  
> the bad feeling, usb sticks aren't (fully) supported yet.
> Am I right, or is there any possibility to get the access point up  
> and running ?

I'm afraid your best bet is to get linux-wlan-ng and use the device in
the ad-hoc mode.  There is no publicly available tertiary firmware for
Prism USB, and the HostAP mode is not supported by any driver on those

Pavel Roskin

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