wpa_supplicant no longer authenticating to WPA

Brian Resnik neatchee at gmail.com
Wed May 30 22:49:41 EDT 2007

To start with, let me tell you that this issue has been resolved by manually
updating ndiswrapper (1.42 > 1.45) and wpa_supplicant (0.5.7 > 0.5.8).  Had
to build BOTH packages manually, because ubuntu package repositories didn't
have the latest versions, but it fixed the problem.

Meanwhile, to answer your questions in the hopes of solving future

> > When was the last time you rebooted the devices (both the client and
> > AP)? Has anything changed in software versions or configuration?

Both devices were rebooted immediately upon experiencing the problem, and
several more times throughout the course of the day.

> Can you reproduce this issue every time?

I could reproduce it ALMOST every time.  Sometimes, apparently randomly, the
device would NOT associate with the AP (giving me "association with
00:00:00...etc failed), followed immediately by 2-3 EAPOL-Key Reset Counter
error messages in a row.  This would repeat indefinitely until I killed
wpa_supplicant.  9 times out of 10, however, the problem was exactly
identical to the posted log.

> It looks like the 4-way handshake goes through fine, but for some reason
> the client does not
> > receive (or AP does not send) the first EAPOL-Key of the group key
> handshake which would be the first encrypted frame on the connection. AP
> > will likely end up disconnecting the client at this point and the replay
> > counter issue is triggered by the client driver not reporting this
> > disassociation/re-association to the supplicant. Or well, that would at
> > least be my guess on what is happening here.
> > Could you please re-test this with -t added to the command line for time
> > stamps and with the other networks removed from (or disabled in) the
> > configuration? I would like to see couple of attempts on connecting in
> > order to be able to compare timing and frame contents between the
> > attempts.

Worth noting, this problem also turned up the same day that I updated the
Linux kernel to the most recent stable.

Now that I know the problem can be fixed with the newest versions of
ndiswrapper and wpa_supplicant, I'd be willing to downgrade in an attempt to
reproduce the problem if you think it would be worth it.  Yes/no?

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