Forcing MIC failures, again

Queisser, Andrew (VfB Stuttgart '07!!) andrew.queisser at
Wed May 30 19:39:33 EDT 2007

Hi guys,

I've got Ubuntu with a 2.6.20 kernel now and I'm looking through what my
options are for forcing MIC failures. I've got a zd1211rw driver working
with ieee80211 driver. I still don't really understand the difference
between ieee80211 and mac80211 but as far as I can tell they do the same
thing in a slightly different way?

My mac80211 doesn't work yet, probably not part of the kernel so I'll
leave the original advice I got from Jouni for the next stage when I
have my zd1211rw working with mac80211.

Anyway right now I can rebuild the ieee80211_crypt_tkip module with some
code to corrupt the MIC but it doesn't seem to have any effect. I added
something like this:

if (corruptCondition)

at the end of the function ieee80211_michael_mic_add, just before the
return 0 statement. I added some printks to make sure my code executes
when I do some repeated pinging and it does get executed

I also tried some printk to print out the 8 bytes at the "pos" pointer
but they don't match what I see in my sniffer.


- Would the contents of pos match the bytes in the sniffer or is there
another level of encryption that happens?
- Why doesn't the change to the MIC cause a MIC failure on the AP? Do I
have the code in the wrong spot?


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