RTS/CTS not fully disabled?

ahuguet at cttc.es ahuguet at cttc.es
Fri May 25 07:45:59 EDT 2007


> 1) Download a new STA firmware version for the cards.
> http://linux.junsun.net/intersil-prism/ shows 1.4.9 as not very recent
> firmware, and maybe trying 1.7.4, which is somehow "recommended" might
> solve this "bug". However, it seems nowhere is specified what each
> firmware update adds in terms of functionality or problem solving.
> In that sense, are hostap-utils still meant to be used?
> They appear in the website as "older stable release" thus I'm not entirely
> sure weather or not is still recommended to use those tools, or if users
> are prompted to use the prism2_srec to flash right away their cards?

I've updated the firmware (not permanently only to RAM) to 1.7.4, and the
behavior persists.

About the back-off window, which was my second alternative to try to make
the test work with 10 nodes, I found this:
which seems to show that it's not possible to set up the size of the back
off window.

I'll then have to perform the tests with less nodes, where that behavior
was much less frequent.

Thanks again for your help.

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