Senao NL-2511CD+ doesn't work with WPA-EAP

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Sat May 12 12:36:59 EDT 2007

To blacklist a module, and prevent it from loading, you've to edit the
file named blacklist on /etc/modprobe.d/

You must be superuser to do that, so try:

sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

(or change gedit by kate if you're in KDE rather than GNOME environment)

then add the lines to blacklist your unwanted modules.
For instance:

blacklist orinoco

>> > Is eth1 just renamed wlan0?
>> Yes. Now I modified a file somewhere  and I got back wlan0 again. :-)
>> > > With interface eth1 the situation is the same!
>> >
>> > Could you please send the debug log showing this?
>> Yes. Tomorrow I will make again.
> Something is happened!
> With renamed modules (hermes, orinoco, orinoco_cs) started working
> on wlan0 interface.
> My remained problem is: how can I put this modules on blacklist for my
> WLAN card?
> TIA,
> Ruzsi
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