Information Needed!!!

rdu n rudri_wifi at
Wed May 9 21:24:02 EDT 2007

Hello All,
I am working on Wi-Fi Security investigation. So I
came accross the Wpa_Supplicant package and found
interesting in knowing more. I wanted to know that
what time it requires to understand the source code
and to port to other OS or other chip sets. I know the
Wi-Fi security protocols therotically. Now i am
interested in porting. so just need the approximate
time frame. Please help me in this regard!!!!!!!

Also, I do have installed Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and was
browsing the web for the Wi-Fi cards and router that
supports Wpa_supplicant package. I was very much
confused and didnt get proper information for which
vendor should i go for. Because the card has to
maximum Wi-Fi security protocols features.

Please i request your kind help in pin pointing for
the Wi-Fi cards and router that i should go for.

I am i386 Desktop PC, So it would be preferable to
have  PCI or USB mode WiFi Cards!!!!

Thanx in advance!!!

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