wpa_supplicant with madwifi using bridge

Joel Lindsay joel at waveteq.com
Tue May 8 16:47:19 EDT 2007


I am using madwifi wireless drivers and wpa_supplicant on a bridged 
interface.  I cannot connect to the access point while the ath0 is on the 
bridge using wpa_supplicant.  As soon as I remove the ath0 from the bridge 
wpa_supplicant connects perfectly, and then I can add ath0 back to the 
bridge again.

The problem occurs on a reconnect, as after disconnection I would have to 
manually take the interface of them bridge again.

It looks like this might have been fixed in latest version, but I am using 
0.4.9 and would require a lot of work to change.  Is there work around or 
something to fix this?


Joel Lindsay, B.Eng
Project Engineer
WaveTeq Communications
(250) 766-9229 

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