hidden symbol errors compilingwpa_supplicant with buildroot

Joel Lindsay joel at waveteq.com
Tue May 8 00:28:46 EDT 2007


I have built openssl and several other programs with the toolchain.  I have
also built a new toolchain with binutils 2.16.1 and gcc 3.4.2 with the same

I have submitted to buildroot, I have read some reference to the same
problem building with other applications with latest buildroot.


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On Mon, May 07, 2007 at 10:40:36AM -0700, Joel Lindsay wrote:

> I am cross compiling wpa_supplicant into the latest version of buildroot
(binutils 2.17.1, GCC 4.2)
> I am getting linker problems I don't understand, and am not sure whats
causing it.  They have something to do with a hidden symbol in libgcc.a.  I
am compiling against uClibc 0.9.28.

I haven't tested gcc 4.2 with ARM builds, but I have no problems
building and linking wpa_supplicant with gcc 3.4.1 for armeb using

libc/4.2.0/../../../../armeb-linux-uclibc/bin/ld: wpa_supplicant: hidden
symbol `__clz_tab' in
libc/4.2.0/libgcc.a(_clz.o) is referenced by DSO

This sounds like a toolchain/configuration issue.. Are you only seeing
this with wpa_supplicant build? Have you tried building something else
that uses the same libraries (namely OpenSSL in this case)?

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