/proc/net/hostap/wlan0 client associated to AP (Pc Card Master Mode)

Claudio cladio at email.it
Tue May 1 10:55:45 EDT 2007

I have found my web directory apache. It is /var/www 
My wewimo directory is /home/claudio/Desktop/wewimo-0.1.1/wewimo/wewimo.sh
I add the line ( /home/claudio/Desktop/wewimo-0.1.1/wewimo/wewimo.sh>/var/www/wewimo) to /etc/crontab

When I prove http://localhost/wewimo the web page there  is but it is totaly white.

Maybe I must add this line */5* * * * claudio /home/claudio/Desktop/wewimo-0.1.1/wewimo/wewimo.sh>/var/www/wewimo??

What is 0-59/5 * * * *? 

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