/proc/net/hostap/wlan0 client associated to AP (Pc Card Master Mode)

Jar jar at pcuf.fi
Tue May 1 09:35:09 EDT 2007

Claudio wrote:
> My wewimo directory is /home/claudio/Desktop/wewimo-0.1.1/wewimo/wewimo.sh
> Now I add this line
> /path/to/wewimo.sh>/home/claudio/Desktop/wewimo-0.1.1/wewimo/wewimo
>  to /etc/crontab

"/path/to/" was just an exmaple. Use true paths in your system.

0-59/5 * * * * root /home/claudio/Desktop/wewimo-0.1.1/wewimo/wewimo.sh 
 > /var/www/html/wewimo

> and after??
> where is my wewimo web directory?Is it the same that wewimo directory?

You have to create it. It is the directory your httpd server can see and 
where you want to put your generated wewimo page. In my distribution it 
is /var/www/html and then I can make my own wewimo directory under it. 
Then web browser can find it via http://localhost/wewimo url. 
"/var/www/html" is defined in httpd.conf as DocumentRoot parameter. See:

# DocumentRoot: The directory out of which you will serve your
# documents. By default, all requests are taken from this directory, but
# symbolic links and aliases may be used to point to other locations.
DocumentRoot "/var/www/html"

Best Regards, Jar

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