MacBook client drops packets

Punky punkytse at
Mon Mar 12 01:28:19 EDT 2007

Hi Faidon,

> Unfortunately, Debian is in deep freeze for the upcoming release of
> "etch" aka Debian 4.0. New upstream releases aren't allowed for
> "testing" and uploading a new version to unstable which would not have
> chances of propagation to testing at this point would make things worse
> from a release/maintainership position.

I think even if the testing repository is freezed, you can still
unload the latest upstream version (i.e. 0.5.7) to unstable.  The user
could still uses the package in unstable to get around his problem.

> Thanks,
> Faidon
> (hostapd Debian maintainer)

(Another guys uses hostapd packages in his distro)

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