hostap compilation issue on

Mohammed Riyaz riyaz.list at
Fri Dec 28 08:22:47 EST 2007


I am trying to compile hostap version hostapd-0.6-2007-05-26 on kernel I am trying to get this to compile for mac80211. I have
enabled CONFIG_DRIVER_DEVICESCAPE in the config file.

Initially the build was failing as hostapd_ioctl.h was missing. So I
have added the kernel header path for mac80211 to the makefile. But,
now the problem is with enum value redeclarations.

The values are duplicated across hostap_common.h in the current
directory and the hostapd_ioctl.h in the kernel headers.

Does hostapd-0.6-2007-05-26  build for kernel with mac80211 support??


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