[FYI] hostapd with mac80211 progress

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Fri Dec 14 07:16:23 EST 2007

> I'm fine with patches that are either specific to driver_devicescape.c
> or are clearly not breaking other driver wrappers (or core hostapd
> functionality) as long as they are somehow in sync with a commonly used
> Linux kernel tree. At some point, I would like to limit this to proper
> kernel releases, but for the time being, any development tree should be
> fine taken into account the current state of the AP support.

Great. I think all the remaining patches I have are specific to
driver_nl80211.c (I think I sent you the rename patch, didn't I?) I'll
send them to you as appropriate, I think the beaconing/station and eapol
stuff is pretty well fleshed out right now.

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