what is the max time that a wpa supplicant daemon takes?

Dan Williams dcbw at redhat.com
Thu Dec 13 09:53:45 EST 2007

On Thu, 2007-12-13 at 22:14 +0900, Raghavendra. S wrote:
> Hi,
>    I would like to know what is the max time that a wpa supplicant
> takes to come up?
>  Assume that I have proper configuration in wpa_supplicant.conf.
> Actually I want to know what is the time taken to come up, if I
> configure to support EAP security and time taken for WEP. Just
> interested to know is that time can be in seconds in worst case?

It depends a lot on how long it takes for the card to scan for the AP
you want to connect to and find it.  That's a completely variable time.
So is the association time.

Are you trying to run a timeout to kill the supplicant if it hasn't
connected within a certain time or something?  If that's the case, just
use the control socket and the supplicant will tell you it's state.

If thats not what you're trying to do, could you say a bit more about
what you're trying to achieve here?


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