does wpa supplicant support power save mode?

Dan Williams dcbw at
Mon Dec 10 12:14:48 EST 2007

Depends on what you mean by this.  When you're running wpa_supplicant
and associated, the firmware/driver must take care of power save mode
since that's inherently a driver/firmware thing.

When the card is _not_ associated, I don't think wpa_supplicant does
anything for powersaving mode, because you as the developer probably
know more about what to do with the card, like shutting the radio off
when you don't need it, or setting the interface down when you're not
using it.

So your question doesn't really apply.  Because power save mode is
controlled through other  means and wpa_supplicant doesn't need to get

That said, wpa_supplicant could grow some options like "scan_interval"
and "ps_mode" or something that would control how often wpa_supplicant
would scan while disconnected, and it could, depending on ps_mode or
something set the interface down between scans when disconnected or set
specific powersave modes on the device, based on what driver is used.


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