Few more question on wpa supplicant

Raghavendra. S raghavendra.akkasali at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 00:04:07 EST 2007

Hi Dan,

 For my question about,
wpa supplicant's support for Adhoc network creation with the given channel
and Adhoc connection? , you have mentioned that wpa sipplicant
0.6.xversions has support for it.

As I am using wpa supplicant 0.5.7 ported for marvell 8686, it becomes
difficult for me to go for 0.6.x. I would like to know me changing wpa
supplicant 0.5.7 to support adhoc network creation and adhoc connection,
whether its going to take long time. whether its going to be a very big

If you can tell me which all files/functions I have to refer in wpa
supplicant 0.6.0 or 0.6.1 for adhoc. then I think I will be able modify
0.5.7 to support adhoc connection. Will you please help me in this.


On 12/7/07, Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-12-07 at 10:09 +0530, Raghavendra. S wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > Does wpa_supplicant support
> >  -  Adhoc connection?
> Yes, but only fully in 0.6.x.  0.5.x doesn't have the ability to tell
> the card which frequency to communicate on, which is needed for some
> drivers to successfully complete the adhoc setup.
> >  -  Adhoc security?
> Yes, for WPA-PSK and WEP.
> >  - Adhoc network creation with the given channel?
> With 0.6.x, yes.  With 0.5.x and lower, no.
> >  - AP connection without encryption and authentication?
> Do you mean having your client connect to an "open" access point?  If
> so, then yes.
> >  - AP connection with WEP?
> Do you mean having the client connect to a WEP AP?  If so, then yes.
> Dan

Regards & Thanks
Raghavendra. S
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