WPS implementation from Marvell

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Tue Dec 4 22:20:09 EST 2007

On Tue, Dec 04, 2007 at 06:22:39PM +0200, Max Kovalenko wrote:

> We've been working for some time here at Marvell for 
> a project that required the AP-side of WPS.

> The main goal was the minimal footprint of the code.

> As a result, we now have a small SDK written in C and based 
> on hostapd-0.4.8. Like others, we looked a lot at the Intel WPS code, 
> but made a complete rewrite in C. The design is simple and compact. 

This sounds very interesting! I was hoping to get something small and
suitable as a starting point with internal registrar support and your
description seems to match that quite well.

> We now support only the case of an AP with internal Registrar for the
> PIN and Push Button methods. Originally we planned to add support
> for External Registrar (wireless and UpnP) as well. However, now that
> the WPS dev goes open source we feel it's better to coordinate our 
> efforts with others. I got a green light to publish the code, though 
> I might need a few days to make it a submittable package. 

> Is anyone interested? What's the codedrop submission procedure?

Yes, very much so. You can publish the package on your web server or I
can alternatively host it at http://w1.fi/contrib/ with other WPS
related patches.

> As part of the work we reduced the effective size of Openssl-0.9.8f
> (hundreds of Kbs) and ported it to uclibc. If anyone is interested in 
> this patch, we can publish it as well.

Taken into account that this topic comes up every now and then, it might
be useful to get the patch available somewhere. OpenSSL is not exactly
the easiest piece of software to make smaller, but it is still quite
widely used even in many embedded systems, so options for reducing code
size are quite useful.

I will use more of my time on trying to make sure the integrated
crypto/TLS code option in 0.6.x branch gets more mature and can handle
all the needed functionality, including WPS, to provide an option of
getting the total binary size down quite a bit more, but anyway, I can
host a patch for OpenSSL and you could also ask whether OpenSSL
maintainers would be interested in it.

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