wpa supplicant on windows mobile?

Mike Reinstein mreinstein at skyhookwireless.com
Mon Dec 3 17:05:41 EST 2007

Hi folks,

 I'm trying to build an app on a  windows mobile that connects to an ap 
using wpa-psk, sends some data, and disconnects. I tried wpa_supplicant 
on windows, and it works very well but it's kind of big in terms of 
footprint, and I really don't need most of the advanced features that 
the suite provides (wpa2, all of the eap support, etc).

* is there a way to strip down the code to get a minimal wpa supplicant 
* are there any resources for people that want to get wpa_supplicant 
working on windows mobile 5?

I'm brand new to this list, so pardon the ignorance if I'm asking a dumb 
or rehashed question. Thank you very much!

kind regards,


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