[PATCH] hostapd: make driver_devicescape set multi-BSS interfaces up

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Mon Dec 3 05:41:10 EST 2007

> Is this really needed? Please note that at least my version of
> driver_devicescape.c is still using management interface and as such,
> the secondary BSS interfaces do not really need to be IFF_UP for
> association and EAPOL messages. Furthermore, hostapd_set_iface_flags()
> is setting the management interface MTU and doing this for each BSS
> interface sounds unnecessary.

Yes, I realise that we still use the mgmt iface. However, setting the
interface UP is needed to get the device to ACK frames on the other MAC
address because the drivers only configure the MAC address
correspondingly when the interface is set UP. Also, I think I changed
beaconing to be unsupported on interfaces that are down.

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