hostapd/wpa_supplicant - new stable release v0.5.9

Jouni Malinen j at
Sun Dec 2 21:14:42 EST 2007

New versions of wpa_supplicant and hostapd were just released and are
now available from

This release is a bug fix version from the stable (0.5.x) branch and
it replaces 0.5.8 as the recommended stable version.

* updated EAP Generalized Pre-Shared Key (EAP-GPSK) to use the latest
  draft (draft-ietf-emu-eap-gpsk-07.txt)
* fixed debugging code not to use potentially unaligned read to fetch
  IPv4 addresses

* fixed an integer overflow issue in the ASN.1 parser used by the
  (experimental) internal TLS implementation to avoid a potential
  buffer read overflow
* fixed a race condition with -W option (wait for a control interface
  monitor before starting) that could have caused the first messages to
  be lost
* updated EAP Generalized Pre-Shared Key (EAP-GPSK) to use the latest
  draft (draft-ietf-emu-eap-gpsk-07.txt)
* added ctrl_iface RECONNECT (wpa_cli reconnect) command
  (like reassociate, but only takes effect if already associated)
* fixed a possible race condition between wpa_cli reassociate and
  wpa_cli disconnect
* return a non-zero exit code from non-interactive wpa_cli if the
  command is not recognized or fails
* fixed 0.5.8 regressions in BSS selection that prevented wildcard SSID
  from being used with non-WPA networks and disabled workaround for
  ignoring bogus WPA/RSN IE in non-WPA configuration
* fixed OpenSSL TLS wrapper to clear trusted CA list to allow
  network blocks to use different trusted CA configurations
* fixed a potential EAP state machine loop when mloving from PSK to EAP
  configuration without restarting wpa_supplicant

git-shortlog for 0.5.8 -> 0.5.9:

Daniel Drake (3):
      Add wpa_cli reconnect command
      Fix wpa_cli disconnect/reassociate race
      Meaningful non-interactive wpa_cli exit code

Johannes Berg (1):
      Update conf file eap_message help

Jouni Malinen (35):
      Fixed key_mgmt mapping to handle non-WPA IEEE 802.1X correctly.
      Clarified function documentation.
      Updated get_keyblock_size() to handle OpenSSL API change in 0.9.9.
      Fixed printf format for size_t to silence a compiler warning.
      Fixed X.509v3 certificate validation checks to use unsigned comparison when
      Fixed parsing of pathLenConstraint from BasicConstraints.
      Added support for validating pathLenConstraint.
      Added a workaround for handling validity dates between 1950 and 1970 to
      Changed PrintableString comparisons to be case insensitive and to filter
      Require that X509v3 CA certificates include BasicConstraints extension.
      Fixed l2_packet_deinit() to unregister read socket from eloop.
      Fixed an integer overflow issue in the ASN.1 parser used by the
      Fixed debugging code to print out IPv4 addresses without using potentially
      Added clarifying note to avoid confusion on what exactly is set with
      Fixed non-WPA AP selection code to ignore possible bogus WPA/RSN IE if the
      Update string length field only after the string has been parsed correctly.
      Fixed a typo in function documentation.
      Remove previously configured trusted CA certificates before adding new
      Fixed "Authentication with BSSID timed out." message to use the pending
      Fixed deinit code to cancel ieee802_1x_rekey timer to avoid potential
      Fixed remove_pmkid() handler not to clear list head (copy-paste error). The
      Fixed printf format for size_t to avoid compiler warnings.
      Revert "Fixed printf format for size_t to avoid compiler warnings."
      Fixed printf format for size_t to avoid compiler warnings.
      Added error codes for most command handlers and the case where multiple
      Replace dbus_watch_get_fd() calls with dbus_watch_get_unix_fd() when
      Clear forced EAP success when reconfiguring to avoid potential EAP state
      Updated EAP-GPSK to the latest draft version (-04). This changed
      Changed EAP-GPSK CSuite field to use 4 octets for vendor id and 2 octets
      Added vector version of AES-CMAC.
      Updated EAP-GPSK key derivation to use the new GKDF construction defined
      Updated the key derivation comments to match with the implementation and
      Cleaned up EAP-GPSK message processing by dividing it into number of
      Updated EAP-GPSK to match with the latest draft (-07):
      Preparations for 0.5.9.

Kel Modderman (3):
      action event name typo in wpa_cli(8)
      Allow selection of zero length non-WPA ssid by wpa_supplicant_select_bss
      Fixed a race condition with -W option (wait for a control interface monitor

Michael Taylor (1):
      Fix for noisy log output when no IP address is assigned.

Ted Merrill (2):
      send errno EBADF handling
      driver_madwifi.c null ptr dereference fix

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