Release process and preparation for v0.4.9

Jouni Malinen jkmaline at
Mon May 1 00:57:46 EDT 2006

In order to make the release process a bit more formal, I've started
adding set of automated tests for each release. These tests need to be
completed successfully before the new version gets released. For now,
this includes just testing number of different builds for various
targets (hostap/testing/run-* scripts). In the future, I would hope to
make some of my semi-automated EAP tests (with eapol_test) and
driver_test tests included in these fully automated tests.

In addition to automated tests, I'm starting to reserve some time for
final tests before stable releases. The recent addition of snapshot
builds should make this somewhat easier since the latest snapshot from
the release branch can be used as a release candidate. During this test
period, only issues critical to the release are considered, no other
changes are allowed in the release branch before the release. The goal
here is to find out whether there is any regression and resolve issues
before the official release.

The next stable release, v0.4.9, is starting to be ready. I merged in
number of fixes from the development branch. Please test the following
snapshot files and let me know if there are any issues that should be
fixed before the release.

I'm planning on releasing v0.4.9 after couple of days of testing. Please
let me know if there is something that would make this kind of release
candidate testing easier (e.g., whether longer time would be needed).
Other comments on how to improve the release process are also welcome.

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