[patch] hostap driver in 2.6.16 kernel doesn't want to handle D-Link DWL-650 any more

Pavel Roskin proski at gnu.org
Thu Mar 30 12:03:45 EST 2006


On Thu, 2006-03-30 at 08:53 -0800, Chip Salzenberg wrote:
> The hostap driver in the 2.6.15 kernel worked fine with my D-Link DWL-650
> card.  However, when I upgraded to 2.6.16, the hostap_cs module did not load
> any more when the card was inserted.  Apparently the hostap_cs module now
> has a more restrictive device list -- too restrictive.  The list now
> excludes my DWL-650, which is:
>   Socket 0 Device 0:      [hostap_cs]             (bus ID: 0.0)
>           Configuration:  state: on
>           Product Name:   Link DWL-650 11Mbps WLAN Card Version 01.02 
>           Identification: manf_id: 0x0156 card_id: 0x0002
>                           function: 6 (network)
>                           prod_id(1): --- (---)
>                           prod_id(2): "Link DWL-650 11Mbps WLAN Card" (0xb6f1b0ab)

This is a bug in the PCMCIA subsystem!  The first line should be "D",
not "".  I have already talked to another person who has this problem
and I have the CIS dump.  "D" is there, but the kernel cannot find it.
The userspace parser in dump_cis prints "D".

I have already posted this problem ti the PCMCIA list, and I'm planning
to work on it myself.  I'm even planning to flash one of my cards with
that CIS to reproduce the problem.

> +#else
> +	PCMCIA_DEVICE_MANF_CARD(0x0156, 0x0002),

Please don't apply this patch.  It doesn't address the real problem.
Matching numeric ID because the vendor strings cannot be parsed properly
is not a solution, it's a bad hack.

Pavel Roskin

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