problem with marginal connections in mesh network.

Rob Davis rob.davis at
Wed Mar 29 03:09:13 EST 2006


We're running a mesh network across several miles in Northern Italy
using AODV and hostap.  We have recently seen a new surge in new signals
which have nothing to do with the mesh appearing on the same channels as
we're using.  The problem with these signals is they are pulling the
rate down of our gateways.  Is there a way to block specific mac
addresses from trying to connect using hostap?

dmesg brings up thousands of these..

handle_ap_item - addr3(BSSID)=00:a0:f8:ca:16:27 not own MAC
handle_ap_item - addr3(BSSID)=00:02:6f:33:ba:cd not own MAC
handle_ap_item - addr3(BSSID)=00:a0:f8:ca:16:27 not own MAC

We have asked if the would be able to change channel, but they are
unable to at the moment as they would have to call in a technician.. (Or
so they say..)
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