Question about hostapd (authenticator) support for wired (Ethernet) clients

Sebastian Weitzel togg at
Mon Mar 27 13:18:24 EST 2006

Are you sure about that hostap does PAE functionality for wired interfaces?
That means does hostap only allow traffic from and to authenticated  
wired stations?

AFAIK hostapd does not. It only does authentication and accounting.
Its been some month I've looked on hostap code, but in the current cvs
I couldnt find PAE support for wired.


Zitat von Kuba Konczyk <jakamkon at>:

> Hello,
>>> If it is integrated in hostapd then the PAE support is done in user
>>> space now?
> Yes.
>>> No kernel pathces are needed?
> No kernel patches are needed.
> Regards
> Kuba
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Sebastian Weitzel

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