supplicant under WinXP

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Wed Mar 22 07:06:43 EST 2006

(I'm assuming you meant to copy the list on your last message...)

Attila Ruzsinszky wrote:
>> The SMC card should work (since the driver reports WPA-PSK
>> capability, it should be able to to TKIP encryption, and AFAIK
>> wpa_supplicant handles everything else).  But the Senao card might
>> have issues if its XP drivers only support WEP.
> It is very interesting, because SMC network program knows only WEP 
> and WPA-PSK. But it is a good news in your opinion it will work!

Well, wait...  If you're talking about the supplicant programs that came
with the drivers, then that's not an "upper" bound on the encryption and
authentication protocols that the card can support.  The Senao card, for
instance:  if the program that came with it only has an option for WEP,
that doesn't mean that the card's firmware can't do TKIP, just that the
program that they provided can't do the 4-way handshake.  (Or that the
driver isn't advertising that capability.)

To find out for sure what capabilities the driver is giving Windows (and
therefore what encryptions it's capable of under wpa_supplicant), try
firing up the XP supplicant and adding a preferred network "manually".
Look at the options under authentication; if WPA and WPA-PSK are there,
then the card's driver is advertising support for them.  If only "open"
and "shared" are there, then the driver is only advertising WEP.
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