hostapd will not start

Ryan Castellucci ryan.castellucci at
Mon Mar 20 14:39:20 EST 2006

I applied to patch to get hostapd to work with post-1331 madwifi-ng,
but it's refusing to start up....

This is hostapd 0.5.1 compliled agains madwifi-nr r1475

# hostapd -dddd /usr/local/etc/hostapd-ath0.conf
Configuration file: /usr/local/etc/hostapd-ath0.conf
Configure bridge br0 for EAPOL traffic.
madwifi_set_iface_flags: dev_up=0
Using interface ath0 with hwaddr 00:02:6f:20:fa:82 and ssid 'test-ath0'
SIOCGIWRANGE: WE(compiled)=19 WE(source)=13 enc_capa=0x0
Flushing old station entries
madwifi_sta_deauth: addr=ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff reason_code=3
ioctl[IEEE80211_IOCTL_SETMLME]: Invalid argument
Could not connect to kernel driver.
Deauthenticate all stations
madwifi_set_iface_flags: dev_up=0

Anyone got any sugguestions?

Ryan Castellucci

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