Problem With HostAP and static WEP, kernel 2.6.14, hostap 0.47

Jar jar at
Mon Mar 20 08:42:23 EST 2006

Jared Holzman wrote:
> I've got no idea. I assumed running the hostapd daemon was neccessary 
> for correct AP operation. There's nothing in the documentation about not 

Not for the basic AP operation.

> running hostapd if you're using static WEP. What if you wanted to do MAC 
> filtering?

Something like this maybe:

$IWPRIV $WLAN_DEV maccmd 1              # Allow policy for ACL list
$IWPRIV $WLAN_DEV maccmd 3              # Flush the ACL list
$IWPRIV $WLAN_DEV addmac $mac		# Add MAC $mac
$IWPRIV $WLAN_DEV maccmd 4              # Kick out all auth. stations

Best Regards, Jar

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