Routing throughput problem - Voyage 0.2pre4 on WRAP w/NL2511 hostap

Edwin Whitelaw Edwin.Whitelaw at
Fri Mar 17 14:30:17 EST 2006

I've got a WRAP running 0.2pre4 with two NL2511 cards installed (wlan0,
wlan1).  wlan1 is in client mode and wlan0 set as an AP.

Everything associates fine and I can get consistent 4+mbs indicated by
iperf when talking to/from the WRAP out either interface.  However,
throughput *through* the system, in one radio and out the other, is
terrible varying from around 1 mbs down to the 100kbs range.

I'm using simple routing, no tricks.  No log entries or errors to give a

I've had an almost identical setup (one radio is a CM9 in 11a managed
mode) in the field for months and it works great.  The diagram below
shows my test environment.

DebianPC--copper--OrinocoAP1000/\/11b/\/\wlan1(STA)-WRAP-wlan0(AP)/\/W2K-laptop                       Ch 6 Ch 11

iperf from the PC to/from the WRAP is over 4mbs tested in either direction
iperf from the laptop is also over 4mbs to/from the WRAP
iperf from the DebianPC to the laptop is terrible :-(

Anyone have an idea about what's causing the throughput problem?



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