Prism2 Cards: Maximum Distance / Ack Timeout?

G.W. Haywood ged at
Fri Mar 10 05:09:58 EST 2006

Hi there,

On Thu, 9 Mar 2006 George Heeres wrote:

> >>2.) Signal just not strong enough? What should I be shooting for?
> >That would be my guess. There is info lurking on the web...
> Well, I think I'm going to replace the Prism2 card at the tower first...
> see what happens then. I've recently read brief mentions / suspicions on
> the MikroTik forum that the 2.9 version of their OS has poor Prism2
> based performance?

As you'll see from

I routinely work with signal strengths less than you're getting, but
only over a 700 metre link.  At less than 90dB the performance is down
to 1Mbit/s but apart from that I've no other complaints.  I do see a
few duplicate packets and the occasional dropped one, nothing serious.

Don't forget that you should aim to get a substantial 'margin' above
what you really need for the application to allow for deterioration in
conditions.  You'll be very disappointed if this all works only until
the leaves come out in the spring (or only when it isn't snowing... :)

I haven't seen any reference to firmware in this thread.  I've seen a
few comments that significant performance improvements can be had by
upgrading from certain versions.  I don't have any links for you but
if you Google around the archives of this List over the last three
years or so I'm sure you'll come with something.  I had problems with
the firmware which was supplied with the MA311 cards that I use, and I
now run 1.7.4 or 1.8.4 on them (either flashed or loaded into the
card's RAM at boot, itdoesn't matter).



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