wpa_supplicant: WPA: EAPOL-Key Replay Counter did not increase - dropping packet

Shawn Adams shawn_adams at web.de
Mon Mar 6 19:20:25 EST 2006

Did this thread die completely, or have I missed a posted solution ?

Shawn Adams wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got the same issue, strange enough wpa_supplicant 0.5.0 functions
> fine , same access point - Nortel 2220, as long as I use the Dell 1450
> built-in adapter using ndiswrapper with bcmwl5a. it works with both
> If I use the same wpa_supplicant, same /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf, it
> fails using a PCMCIA wireless card using madwifi drivers, which fails
> with both WPA variants.
> only difference is that my card never connects - the "replay counter"
> errors come immediately, and constantly.
> I can echo Joey, I'd be very interested to provide whatever logs, etc..
> are needed.
> Joey Richards wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am suffering from the same problem as Vidar.  I'm running on an AMD 
>> Turion laptop with kernel 2.6.15-r1 built for x86_64.  My wireless card 
>> is a Broadcom, using the bcmwl5a 64-bit driver through ndiswrapper.  I 
>> connect to a Netgear WGR614 wireless router using WPA-PSK.
>> I have collected two logs -- one is an annotated log from wpa_supplicant 
>> with the -ddt option (search for <<<<< to find my comments).  The other 
>> is the iwevent log from the same period.  These are available at
>> http://www.its.caltech.edu/~joey/wpa_supplicant
>> What you'll see in the logs is my connecting to the access point 
>> (bork-wireless), accompanied by a couple events in the iwevent log. 
>> About 7 minutes later, wpa_supplicant successfully handshakes with no 
>> event in the iwevent log.  Next, about half an hour later, it attempts 
>> to handshake, fails due to the "Replay Counter" error, and repeats until 
>> I noticed the connection had died.  I closed wpa_supplicant and this 
>> caused the final iwevent activity -- reporting a connection to an access 
>> point with address 00:00:00:00:00:00.  There was no activity at all in 
>> the iwevent log after the initial connection until I shut down 
>> wpa_supplicant.
>> Any assistance would be most appreciated, now by two of us.  Please let 
>> me know if there are any other tests I can run that would help with 
>> diagnosis.
>> joey
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