[Madwifi-devel] Re: Madwifi-NG + hostapd + RSN

Stijn Tintel stijn at linux-ipv6.be
Mon Jan 30 06:19:13 EST 2006

thomas schorpp wrote:
> i suggest You all put Your ressources better to a real oss driver,
> namely http://www.ath-driver.org/ .
I suggest that in the future, you think twice before sending a useless 
and destructive mail like this. This really helps NOBODY.

Also, I would like to remind you that hostapd supports both madwifi-old 
and madwifi-ng, but ath-driver doesn't even support master mode afaik, 
so I wouldn't even be able to use it in any way. I guess you never 
thought of that... Again, your mail isn't of any use for solving this 

Anyway, I'm don't want to start a flamewar, but I repeat, you really 
shouldn't send mails like this. It's like stabbing a knife in the back 
of every involved developer. IMO, the only thing you should do is being 
grateful for the work they do... and if you don't like there work? Try 
to do it better yourself...

Just my two cents ...

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